Miss Holly Golightly. Traveling. (annabelleec) wrote,
Miss Holly Golightly. Traveling.

Playing pretend

What a beautiful couple we make,
     the subject of universal envy.
The pretending  
                                  the pretentious.

So perfect.
Blessed with a turn-on switch
     for the stars in your eyes.
And good timing.

Pathologically making amends
     to anyone
     with however bogus a claim
     on my unresponsive heart.

You have a connection,
     insider information,
     an exclusive invitation.
You say
     it has long since been written
     for us in these stars of yours.

And I put my faith
     in whatever pile of straw
     promises to be my rescue raft.
My space shuttle
     on its swan song of a mission
     to my rent-controlled castle
     in the sky.

What a sublimely perfect couple
     we make
          love suspended from the delicate threads
          of public approval
          and the ill-fitting glass slipper.
The consummate coupling
     of a pretentious one
     with one who’s pretending.

Tags: scribbles
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