Miss Holly Golightly. Traveling. (annabelleec) wrote,
Miss Holly Golightly. Traveling.

The date book

Decided to write a series of semi-fictional essays about dates.  Some are my recollections (with a lot of "artistic freedom"), some - attempts to peek into someone else's mind, others - stories overheard or imagined.     The title seemed appropriate as the series is going to be made up of vague recollections and wild fantasies of random days in people's lives.  If anyone feels like contributing their own story about a train wreck of a date or the date that changes their life (and everything in between) I will most definitely be happy to listen/read.

This is some of the stuff I have written previously that seems to fit the category:

Goddess Worship

Disclosure: Any resemblance to a real person or a date with me is purely accidental. 
Tags: scribbles, the date book
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