April 29th, 2011

Lola Rennt

Cross-posted: Daniel Varoujan Poetry Prize

So the plan was - I would write a weekly column of articles for ArmeniansWorld.com covering writers, artists and musicians of Armenian descent.  However, I decided to expand the coverage somewhat to include a variety of topics of literary/artistic/musical interest.  And for my very first article I bring to your attention the Daniel Varoujan Poetry Prize.  

Here is an excerpt from the article:
The most recent period is that of inflicting my amateurish writings upon the general public. And while blogs are all well and good, recently I have been searching for ink-upon-paper solidity that would make my delusions about my skills of word-wrangling just a little less delusional. I’d never even printed my writing before, let alone sticking it into an envelope and sending it on its mission of finding a literary magazine that would publish it. I worry about it the way parents might worry about their kids going off to college: will it be ok all the way out there all on its own?

And so in my search for inspiration, motivation and a possible outlet with an ISBN I came across the Daniel Varoujan Poetry Prize. Yes, that Varoujan, our Varoujan, the Armenian poet killed in 1915 in the Armenian genocide, now has a $1000 annual poetry prize named after him.

Full article - here.