April 8th, 2011

Lola Rennt


 "People don't want their lives fixed.  Nobody wants their problems solved.  Their dramas.  Their distractions.  Their stories resolved.  Their messes cleaned up.  Because what would they have left?  Just the big scary unknown."

"Whatever my real problems might be, I didn't want them cured.  None of the little secrets inside me wanted to be found and explained away.  By myths.  By my childhood.  By chemistry.  My fear was, what would be left?  So none of my real grudges and dreads ever came out into the light of day.  I didn't want to resolve my angst.  I'd never talk about my dead family.  Express my grief, she called it.  Resolve it.  Leave it behind."
"People shopping for a messiah want quality.  Nobody is going to follow a loser.  When it comes to choosing a savior, they won't settle for just a human being."
"No matter how many luxuries you get, something will be missing.  No matter how carefully you choose, you'll never be totally happy."
"He was terminally ill.  He was dying of boredom.  The only mystery left was death."
- by Chuck Palahniuk