March 12th, 2011

Lola Rennt


 "A short story or poem or screenplay or memoir that would make sense of our life.  A masterpiece that would buy our way out of slavery to a husband or a parent or a corporation.  That would earn our freedom."

"We love to hate.  To stop a war, we declare war on it.  We must wipe out poverty.  We must fight hunger.  We campaign and challenge and defeat and destroy."

"We all need a doctor to yank us out of our perfect womb.  We piss and moan, but we appreciate God kicking us out of Eden.  We love our trials.  Adore our enemies."
" - You're saying we have wars, because we have a low threshold for boredom?
  - We have wars we deny that low threshold."
- by Chuck Palahniuk
- by Conrad Roset