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Lola Rennt

Annabel Lee

And this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me

In vino veritas
Lola Rennt
Wine store in Adams Morgan in Washington, DC.

Lola Rennt
 "A short story or poem or screenplay or memoir that would make sense of our life.  A masterpiece that would buy our way out of slavery to a husband or a parent or a corporation.  That would earn our freedom."

"We love to hate.  To stop a war, we declare war on it.  We must wipe out poverty.  We must fight hunger.  We campaign and challenge and defeat and destroy."

"We all need a doctor to yank us out of our perfect womb.  We piss and moan, but we appreciate God kicking us out of Eden.  We love our trials.  Adore our enemies."
" - You're saying we have wars, because we have a low threshold for boredom?
  - We have wars we deny that low threshold."
- by Chuck Palahniuk
- by Conrad Roset