February 19th, 2011

Lola Rennt

Somewhat geographical

I'm moving again tomorrow.  For what seems like the gajillionth time in my life (while it's only the 12th time in the last 11 years).  I don't even know why I ever bother unpacking my suitcases.  All I do is pack them again in a few months (or in a few years in some rare cases).  

I have already managed to establish some safe harbors where some of my belongings live, waiting for me.  Toothbrushes, combs, underwear, unfinished journals, blue ball point pens that write just so and that I spent 15 minutes picking out (I'm really not type A, I'm just very particular about my pens).  I even have numerous copies of my favorite books.  That way no matter what continent I find myself on, I have my Bulgakov handy (or maybe my Kundera, if I don't particularly feel like believing in miracles at the moment).  Kind of like the Bible in hotel room night stands.  

Moving.  The dynamics of it.  Makes me think of differential equations.  And Nike commercials.  "Just do it."  I'm the girl who wanted to pair her wedding dress with sneakers.  The perpetual runner.  If all else fails, pack life in suitcase, book ticket, leave unfinished journal behind.  Sprint.  In case of nostalgia mail a postcard.  

by Ken Wong